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Landpac provides a full range of Impact Compaction services to the construction and mining industries, including:

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Quality compaction, from start to finish.

Landpac uses world-class innovative methods and equipment, which has been proven over decades to tick all the boxes for certifying engineers. We’ve built our reputation by providing practical and cost-effective solutions with our in-house geotechnical expertise and experienced personnel. Our willingness to collaborate with our clients and their engineers during the planning and execution phases ensures your projects get the desired outcome.

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Ground Improvement

Our comprehensive solutions enhance the engineering properties and stability of onsite soil. Through advanced techniques, we optimise soil conditions to support large-scale construction projects, ensuring long-term durability and performance.

Tender and Planning

Landpac supports clients in the tender and planning phase. We offer detailed evaluations of project specifications, assist in bid preparation, and advise on optimal HEIC usage to get great results on time and budget.

Impact Compaction

With Landpac’s High Energy Impact Compaction (HEIC) expertise, we utilise a powerful intelligent compaction measuring (ICM) system to increase soil density, enhance load-bearing capacity, and mitigate settlement issues.

Operation Control

Our knowledgeable team closely monitors and manages all aspects of the compaction process, using intelligent compaction measuring system to maintain consistent results and optimise soil performance.

Site Soil Characteristics

Our experienced geotechnical team provides thorough analysis to evaluate soil composition, strength, permeability, and other relevant factors to develop the most effective ground improvement strategies.

Compaction Verification

We use advanced testing and monitoring techniques to assess the effectiveness of HEIC and ensure optimal soil density, giving you accurate and reliable data to comply with project specs and industry standards.

Project Design

Lanpdac offers specialised project design services tailored to each client's unique requirements. Our skilled team of engineers works closely with you to develop innovative and cost-effective design solutions.


Using Volkel's intelligent compaction technology, we ensure precise monitoring and control of compaction operations. This ensures you get accurate measurements, real-time feedback, and comprehensive compaction reports.

What our 
clients say

“We’ve worked with Landpac on about 140 successful projects, for a wide variety of clients, in most Australian states and in New Zealand, China, Malaysia and Fiji. Working with them using HEIC, compaction can be achieved over a much wider range of soil moisture than can be achieved with conventional compaction, with a considerable cost saving.”

“The Landpac team have been the solution to reducing the settlement risks on many uncontrolled and/or deep fill development sites I’ve advised on; their measuring and monitoring technology provides reliable data I need as a geotechnical advisor to better understand the ground and treatment outcomes achieved.”

Andrew Middleton, Core Consultants Pty Ltd
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"The operators and supervisors from Landpac demonstrated their professionalism and wealth of knowledge on the HEIC process. Working to deliver the required results within the contracted timeframe"

Dominic Wallace, Ford Civil
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"The Visy project was the second project I have worked with Matt and the Landpac crew on, at the Port of Brisbane. On both occasions, they have been fantastic to deal with and always willing to go above and beyond to help create the outcomes needed. I look forward to working with Matt and the Landpac team again in the future."

Andrew Tapper, McNab Relationship Builders
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